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WGSS By-Laws

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Lecturer Policy

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Review and Promotion Guidelines

Graduate Faculty Policy

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Campus Resources

Here are some campus offices committed to equity and fairness at Georgia State University.

Office for the Advancement of Women

The Office of the Advancement of Women was established in December 1999 as a resource for women faculty and administrators at Georgia State University. AofW’s mission is to identify needs, offer support, develop professional opportunities for women faculty and administrators within the university, and implement programs and initiatives toward that goal.

Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning Office

The Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning Office has responsibility in providing leadership, coordination, and oversight of the University’s affirmative action and diversity education initiatives. The office monitors all matters within the University that pertain to affirmative action, employee relations, equal opportunity, and diversity. The office enhances the University’s commitment to affirmative action and diversity and facilitates compliance with equal opportunity regulations.

Office of the Ombudsperson

With confidentiality and by assuming a neutral or impartial role, the Office of the Ombudsperson assists all members of the university community in informally solving problems and resolving conflicts while promoting alternatives to more formal adversarial processes. Ombudspersons support effective communication, cooperation, equity, and civility in academic and work environments through coaching individuals, facilitating communication between persons and departments, mediation, providing information on university policy, and, when needed, recommending appropriate institutional action or change.