M.A. Program



The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies prepares students for doctoral work in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or in related disciplines and enhances careers relating to women’s, gender and/or sexuality issues. As the interdisciplinary practice of feminist scholarship, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies interrogates and envisions alternatives to social structures, institutions, ideologies, relationships, and perceptions of gender in traditional academic disciplines.


11879168_1017545678277857_1545981628142856015_oStudents wishing to apply to the M.A. program may do so by clicking here. Please click here for more information on applying, and keep in mind that all application materials are due by February 8th. Contact our Graduate Director with any additional questions.

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

  1. Thirty hours of graduate coursework, 15 hours of which are required (WGSS 8001, WGSS 8002, WGSS 8003, WGSS 8004, and WGSS 8005) and 15 hours of coursework that may be chosen from the Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality courses or from approved courses in other departments.
  2. A minimum of six hours of Thesis Research (WGSS 8999).
  3. A thesis, approved by a thesis committee.

Course Descriptions

10521540_817560638276363_8387367933020188883_oFor a listing of currently offered Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses, visit GoSOLAR.

For a complete list of graduate courses offered by the Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, visit the Georgia State University Graduate Catalog.

Please note that in the case of any conflict of information, the Graduate Catalog supersedes the WGSS website.

Our students have a wide range of research interests, reflecting the diversity of the field of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. Some recent M.A. thesis projects by WGSS students include:

Sesali Bowen, “Bitches Be Like…: Memes as Black Girl Counter and Disidentification Tools” (2016), directed by Tiffany King

Sumita Dutta, “Spirits in the Food: A Pedagogy for Cooking and Healing” (2016), directed by Tiffany King

Nathan Frisch, “Alternative Modernization, Indigeneity, and Affective Capture in Contemporary Bolivia” (2016), directed by Susan Talburt

Megan Mabry, “Mapping Transgender Narratives in a Digital Age” (2016), directed by Susan Talburt

Syeda Mahmood, “Planning Obsolescence: Generational Labor, Welcoming Crisis, and Actualizing Immaterial Bonds” (2016), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Schillica Howard, “(De)Tangled: an Exploration of the Hierarchies in the Natural Hair Community” (2015), directed by Tiffany King

Kristyn Johnson, “Sexy Ambiguity and Circulating Sexuality: Assemblage, Desire, and Representation in Seba al-Herz’s The Others” (2015), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Ruby Kett, “Gendered Admission: Transinclusive Admissions Policies at Women’s Colleges” (2015), directed by Susan Talburt

Brandy Pettijohn, “‘You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup’: Self-Care and Spiritual Activism in Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman” (2015), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Juliana Ramírez Rodríguez, “From Panic to Pity: Circuits and Circulations of the Contemporary Anti-Trafficking Crusade” (2015), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Cecilia Troiano, “‘Lean In,’ ‘Opt Out,’ and the Journey to Happiness: Brazilian College Women Imagine Freedom” (2015), directed by Susan Talburt

Kelsey Waninger, “The Veiled Identity: Hajibistas, Instagram and Branding in the Online Islamic Fashion Industry” (2015), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Taryn Jordan, “The Politics of Impossibility: CeCe McDonald and Trayvon Martin – The Bursting of Black Rage” (2014), directed by Amira Jarmakani and Tiffany King

Siobhan Cooke, “Cooking Up Authenticity: Latina Celebreties, Cookbooks, and Consumerism” (2014), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Sarah Beasley, “The Commercialization of the Atlanta Pride Festival: ‘Somebody’s Got to Pay for It’” (2014), directed by Megan Sinnott

Scott Nesbit, “Paying for the Gift of Education: A Critical Discourse Analysis of The Intown Academy of Atlanta” (2014), directed by Susan Talburt

Valerie Pollock, “Forever Adolescence: Taylor Swift, Eroticized Innocence, and Performing Normativity” (2014), directed by Megan Sinnott

Andrea Miller, “Performing Specters of Imperialism: Affect, Terror, and the Body in Naveed Mir’s The Cinco Sanders Show” (2014), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Sherah Faulkner, “It Makes Atlanta Feel Like a Real City: Biopolitical Urbanism and Public Art on the Atlanta Beltline” (2014), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Lamont Loyd-Sims, “J-Setting in Public: Black Queer Desires and Worldmaking” (2014), directed by Amira Jarmakani

Hannah Carswell, “Femininity and Masculinity in Indonesian Popular Music Videos” (2014), directed by Megan Sinnott



10446123_816925985006495_1052826715689858585_oComplete list of MA Theses

A digital archive of theses since 2006 can be found here: ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University